Carla M. Nichols

October 2, 2014

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Carla Nichols

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, Carla Nichols left a residence at 5814 W Roosevelt Dr. to move her car off the street when she was approached by a suspect who attempted to rob her.  When Carla exclaimed that she had nothing, the suspect fired several shots at her, causing her death.

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Gilbert Hernandez

April 11, 2014

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Gilbert Hernandez 3

On Friday, April 11, 2014  at approximatley 8:00 PM, Gilbert Hernandez was found shot to death at the rear of 4940 S. 14th St.  Shortly before that time, witnesses overheard Hernandez involved in a verbal argument  with suspects.  Gilbert was 33 years old.

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Kelly E. Dwyer

October 11, 2013

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kelly dwyer

Kelly was last seen on camera entering the Lafayette Hill Apartments, 2036 N Prospect Ave, with Kris Zocco on Friday morning at 2:37 am on October 11, 2013.  Kelly was never observed leaving the building, and has not been seen or heard from since.

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Eric R. Benson

August 2, 2013

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Eric Benson

On August 2, 2013, at approximately 10:25 pm, Eric Benson was sitting on the porch with others at 4164 N. 50th St. when an unknown gunman fired numerous shots at them striking and killing Benson and wounding a second subject.

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Joey L. Johnson

May 17, 2012

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Joey Johnson

On Thursday May 17, 2012, at 11:44 pm, JOHNSON was found shot to death in his van, at 3078 N 26th St.

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R. V. Boyd

August 8, 2011

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R.V. Boyd

On Wednesday August 8th 2011, R. V. Boyd was found at 4120 W. Congress St. suffering blunt force trauma wounds, which ultimately led to his death a few days later. Boyd was 71 at the time of his death.

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Cordell Robinson

July 17, 2011

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Cordell Robinson

On Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 02:21 AM, the victim was walking in the 2400 block of S. 15th St. when he was approached by two subjects, one of the subjects shot and killed Robinson.  Suspects fled the scene on foot.

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