Vanessa L. Smith

Posted on January 1, 1991

Mrs. Vanessa L. Smith’s (Aunt) reported on July 25, 1991, that they haven’t seen or heard from their niece since New Year’s Eve (12-31-90). Prior to missing, the last time she was seen at a public venue was at the Ambassador Hotel, 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave.

She was accompanied with her boyfriend who was arrested and detained. Mrs. Smith was later observed with her (former boyfriend) who claims he last seen Mrs. Smith on January 1, 1991, when he observed her call a cab company. He stated that he walked her to the exit of his apartment building but failed to see Mrs. Smith get into the cab or does he knows the name of the cab.

If you know anything about the missing, probable homicide of Mrs. Vanessa L. Smith, please call the Milwaukee Police Departments, Homicide Cold Case Unit.

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